Final Details

With the painting finished the only things that remain were some minor details before I can call it finished. Basically it was just the door panels, window garnish moldings, shifter and e-brake boots.

My wife spent a few hours with her sewing machine and did a really good job sewing the door panels. They are vinyl with 1/4" sew foam and glued to 1/8" Luann plywood. They are held on with old style tried and true spring clips. These clips have been used for years by most manufacturers to hold door panels on and they work great.

The arm rests are from an old pickup camper I found in a local junk yard. Cost was $10 and all I did was clean and re-color them with vinyl dye.

The door handles are reproductions from Mac's Antique Auto Parts. I modified them to mount with a simple philips screw rather than Ford's original mounting system which will make them easier to remove and replace if I ever need to work on the electric windows or latches.

The window garnish moldings came with the body package and were simply painted with Duplicolor spray bed liner to match the fiberglass headliner.

My lovely wife also helped make the shifter and e-brake boots. These were made from left over seat material and use a leather shoe lace to "tie" them into position. Once again they will be easy to remove should any kind of maintenance be required in the future.

The final detail for the interior were the seat belt retractor mechanisms. These were picked up on e-bay and are from a Chevelle. I don't have a clew what year. The units were welded to a piece of 1/4" stock in order to move them rearward to a convenient position and then this combination was bolted through the floor to tabs that were built into the frame during its construction. The GM belt ends were also removed and replaced with Chrysler units which were compatible with the latches on the seat. were

With these details finished, I can now call this project completed. Anything I do to the deuce from here on out will be either a modification or an upgrade. I do have some in mind but it will be a while before I have the time to tackle them.

I hope you have enjoyed this project as much as I have. It has clearly been an enlightening experience for me and yes, there are a few things I would have done differently, but they are all minor things. I have tried to be true to the early 1960's theme of the car and I think I pretty much succeeded.

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